my (Michael Nagel) suggestions for a new gitg weg page

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main purpose of the page

url / hoster

I do not care.

JesseVanDenKieboom: Preferably gnome, but we need to use their infrastructure I think (I can check). Otherwise I can anyway host it.


I do not care.

JesseVanDenKieboom: I care. Design is important. If you only want to take care of the content that is fine, but we need a nice design as well...


I do not really care. I suggest to keep the page simple to maintain (so that it does not become a burden) and easy for others to contribute content.

I suggest a static website generator because:

I had a brief look at and it looks like a good solution. easy to install and use, actively maintained, widely used...

JesseVanDenKieboom: I think I can go with that. There is no need for anything dynamic. I would have suggested a wordpress site, but jekyll looks ok.


Index Page

Support Page

Download Page

Screenshots Page

Documentation Page

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