my (Michael Nagel) suggestions for a new gitg weg page

Feel free to edit this article and remove this disclaimer...

main purpose of the page

  • offer one official contact point
  • provide (all) relevant ressources - or pointers to that ressources

url / hoster

I do not care.

JesseVanDenKieboom: Preferably gnome, but we need to use their infrastructure I think (I can check). Otherwise I can anyway host it.


I do not care.

JesseVanDenKieboom: I care. Design is important. If you only want to take care of the content that is fine, but we need a nice design as well...


I do not really care. I suggest to keep the page simple to maintain (so that it does not become a burden) and easy for others to contribute content.

I suggest a static website generator because:

  • hosting static websites is as easy as it gets
  • maintaining them is simple
    • a local folder with some texfiles and some markup
    • gets compiled into a folder of html-files
    • html is uploaded to a server
  • suggestion for contribution: offer (git) repository with source and let people fork it.
    • nothing like online editing in a wiki, but good enough, and works with git

I had a brief look at and it looks like a good solution. easy to install and use, actively maintained, widely used...

JesseVanDenKieboom: I think I can go with that. There is no need for anything dynamic. I would have suggested a wordpress site, but jekyll looks ok.


  • index page
    • what gitg is
    • gitg features
    • a screenshot
    • download / install / source (latest)
    • news bullet (latest release)
  • support
    • mail / irc / ...
    • reporting bugs
    • development
  • screenshots
  • download
    • packages
    • source
    • older releases
    • installing -> documentation

  • documentation
    • man page
    • manual (Mallard)

Index Page

  • gitg is ...
    • include link to version control, git
    • include link to other clients gitk, gitx, tortoise. mention command line.
  • gitg features
    • list of features
    • possibly links to screenshots
  • a screenshot
    • one screenshot to give a first impression
  • download / install / source
    • quick links to latest version
  • news bullet
    • small latest news notification (release announcement)

Support Page

  • contact
    • encourage users to contact you
    • link to mailing list archives / subscription
    • link to irc channel
    • link to bug tracker
  • development
    • encourage people to contribute in any way
    • list suggestions what could be done
    • encourage perople to clone the source
    • give instructions what to do with patches

Download Page

  • suggest to install from distibution packages
  • link to binary and source code
  • link to build instructions -> refer to manual

  • link online repo browser, url to clone from

Screenshots Page

  • have a gallery of sorted&commented Screenshot

Documentation Page

  • publish the man page online
  • write a manual
    • include pictures
    • include FAQ
    • include tips&tricks

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