gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.

It provides the following types of games:

gbrainy provides different difficulty levels making gbrainy enjoyable for kids, adults or senior citizens. It also features player's game history, player's personal records, tips for the player, or fullscreen mode. gbrainy can be also extended easily with new games developed by third parties.

It is designed for GNOME and runs on top of GNU/Linux and different Unix flavours. There is also a port for Microsoft Windows.

gbrainy project's objectives

gbrainy project's objectives are:

Frequently asked questions

There is a collection of Frequently asked questions about gbrainy.


These are some screenshots of gbrainy:
gbrainy main screen
An example of a logic game
An example of a memory game
An example of a calculation game


gbrainy requires:

In a standard Ubuntu installation the packages required to compile gbrainy are: intltool, mono-gmcs, mono-devel, libmono-dev, libgnome2-dev, libgnomeui-dev, libmono-cairo2.0-cil.


Source code

Latest stable released version is 2.3.3.

Unix / Linux versions

Also available as live CD:


gbrainy is a game designed for Linux but however it can run on Win32. gbrainy installer for Windows installs the application and the translations that were 95% when the installer was built. The language that gbrainy is used in based in your Microsoft Windows locale configuration.

You can download gbrainy Windows build from:

Getting the Source Code from GNOME Git

gbrainy's source code is stored in GNOME Git. To get a working copy of the latest available source code, type:

 git clone git://

Browse the code on-line using

How to install it from sources

Decompress the contents of the gbrainy compressed distribution file and then do:

./ (only if downloaded from git)
make install

Once you finish, just run it using the gbrainy script or using mono gbrainy.exe.


gbrainy is written for GNOME using Mono, C# and Cairo. There is a development page with all the information for people willing to do bug fixing, develop or extend gbrainy.


There is a detailed roadmap for future versions.

See the previously released versions since August 2007.

Reporting bugs

You can summit bug reports for gbrainy using Gnome Bugzilla.

How to help

Help in any area is appreciated. Here are some areas were you can help:

If you like gbrainy, blog about it and tell your friends about it!


There is a gbrainy public group where people can share its experiences, ideas and get involved in gbrainy development. If you have ideas or experiences it is better if you use the list instead of writing to me directly.


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