gbrainy 2.0 roadmap

Target release date: June 2011



UI revamp

- Theme support


- Integrated question and solution (See #605284)


- Vertical / Horizontal toolbar positioning


- New default theme

New games

Reduce the most problematic PairOfWordsCompare analogies (See #640307)

Accept the words as valid answers in multioptions answers (See #643401)


Multiplayer Network Support

- Build client / server Open Collaboration REST API

- Scalability test

- Build UI

- Unit testing

- Update Mallard documentation

Code Refactoring

- Decouple GameManager, GameSession and GamePlayer and update related Unit Testing

- Introduce service pattern for interchangable components


Convert statically games.xml to C# for better performance but also giving command line access to the old system

Multiplayer Network Support

The idea is to support two main use cases:

  • Several players playing over a LAN
  • Several players playing over Internet

All players in tournaments playing the same exact games.

One of the players acts as a server and the rest connect to it providing a temporary password.

The implementation will use:

gbrainy 2.1 roadmap

Target release date: December 2011



GTK+ 3.0 porting

Formalize & document QA testing script

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