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Mallard Features in Yelp

The following features are listed according to their feature tokens, as defined by Mallard Conditionals 1.0.



  • Yelp supports the upcoming Cache Files 1.0 extension for creating a cache file with information about the pages in the documents. The Yelp stylesheets require a cache file to work correctly. Use yelp-build cache to create a cache file.

    Added in 3.0.


  • Yelp fully supports the draft Mallard Conditionals 1.0 extension. The HTML output also supports "maybe" values, whose values are determined dynamically after rendering to HTML. This is currently used for the adaptive mobile rendering.

    See Features » Conditional Processing

    Added in 3.4.


  • Yelp supports the current draft of the Facets 1.0 extension. This extension is still likely to change incompatibly.

    Added in 3.0.




  • Yelp supports the ui:expanded attribute as specified in the draft Mallard UI 1.0 extension. This feature is very unlikely to change incompatibly.

    Added in 3.8.


/!\ Any feature in an experimental namespace is absolutely guaranteed to break in a future version of Yelp. Experimental namespaces are how we try new ideas. Do not use experimental features unless you track the Yelp version closely.

e:hi xmlns:e=""

  • Yelp supports the inline e:hi element to highlight some text with a background color. This is useful when successively adding lines to a code example. Mallard 1.1 will probably contain this element outside the experimental namespace.

    Added in 3.0.

e:mouseover xmlns:e=""

  • The e:mouseover element is used together with the "mouseovers" style hint on topic links elements. The e:mouseover element provides a thumbnail image for a link target. Do not use unless you are closely tracking Yelp development. This syntax will be dropped when ui:thumbs is finished.

    Added in 3.0.

uix:expanded xmlns:uix=""

  • The uix:expanded attribute can be used on any section element, links element, or block element with a title.

    As of 3.8, ui:expanded is supported in the non-experimental namespace ui/1.0. Experimental support will be dropped in a future version. When you switch to non-experimental, change yes/no to true/false.

    Added in 3.2.

uix:overlay: xmlns:uix=""

  • The uix:overlay element lets you pop up an image or video in an overlay.

    Added in 3.8.

uix:thumb xmlns:uix=""

  • The uix:thumb element is used inside the info element. It provides a thumbnail image for a page or section. It is used by the uix:thumbs extension for the links element, and may be used by other extensions.

    Added in 3.4.

uix:thumbs xmlns:uix=""

  • The uix:thumbs attribute on the links element specifies a way to display the links as thumbnail images, using the uix:thumb elements from the target nodes. This is a replacement for the "mouseovers" style.

    Added in 3.8.

"experimental/api" xmlns:api=""

  • The experimental API extenion lets you specify information about what class, method, or other piece of API a page or section documents, such that links

    to those nodes from links elements can be automatically formatted as synopses. Minimal support is in released version. More work is being done on the wip/api-1-0 branch.

    Added in 3.2.

"experimental/gloss" xmlns:gloss=""

  • The experimental Glossaries extension is a way to provide dynamic glossary and index entries that are collected on special collection pages.

    See Mallard Glossaries on Shaun's Blog for an example.

    Added in 3.2.

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