Yelp ยป

Yelp & Mallard

These pages provide details on the Mallard support in Yelp and the Yelp XSL stylesheets. They detail which versions and extensions are supported, which experimental extensions are under development, and which style hints are supported.


Mallard features and experimental features supported by Yelp.

Style Hints

Style hints on Mallard elements supported by Yelp.


Tokens for Mallard Conditionals supported by Yelp.

Audio and Video

Details on using audio and video in Mallard documents in Yelp.

TTML Subtitles

Details on using TTML for audio and video subtitles in Mallard.


Details on embedding SVG images in Mallard documents.


Details on using MathML in Mallard documents in Yelp.

Syntax Highlighting

Details on using syntax highlighting in Mallard code blocks.

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