Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the notes stored?

  • They are stored in ~/.config/xpad No metadata, save for the window info stored in the files named info-* Each of the notes are stored in UTF-8 plaintext file whose filename starts with content-*

What happens when a note is deleted?

  • It's gone forever. You did have backups? No undo function either.

Pads start out too large. How do I change the default pad size?

  • Unfortunately, there is no user interface for this yet. You can, however, edit the file ~/.config/xpad/default-style (you may have to create this text file) and change the lines to the desired width and height in pixels. (then restart xpad)

width 260
height 260

Without the toolbar, pads can't be moved around or resized! What's the deal?

  • If you hold down Ctrl and left drag with the mouse, the pad will move around the screen. If you hold down Ctrl and right drag with the mouse, the pad will resize.

Xpad in my language?

  • There are already translations available for Afrikaans, Chinese, Dutch, English (British), Finnish, French, Hungarian, Irish, Korean, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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