Redesigning xchat-gnome UI . Inputs welcome

No more option to hide the UI. does not make sense with gnome-shell or unity. xchat-gnome inidicator could probably hide the window ( check with ubuntu dev )

-- <TheLemonMan> ritz, ping <ritz> heya :) <TheLemonMan> i still don't get what timezone you're on :P <ritz> India :)

  • GMT+0530 I need to split my working hours, to work with Australia /Europe and a bit of NA

<TheLemonMan> great heh, i'm GMT+1, the chances to get in touch are few <ritz> sweet <TheLemonMan> do you have some spare time for working on xchat-gnome ? <ritz> a bit, mostly weekends <TheLemonMan> starting from scratch the next version of xchat-gnome is tempting <TheLemonMan> we could get rid of all the crazy/old code in there <ritz> doubtful

  • it is always tempting to rewrite from scratch but regressions, and tested use case die out

<TheLemonMan> but we'll end up rewriting big chunks of it <ritz> the UI

  • not the backend, based of xchat

<TheLemonMan> oh, with everything i meant the UI <ritz> cool

  • everything ? I do seem , xtext needs to be rewritten I need to import autocompletion in

<TheLemonMan> or replaced with webkit

<ritz> this looks sweet

  • which app is this from ?

<TheLemonMan> its just a mockup for a possible irc client <TheLemonMan> the next version of xchat-gnome ? :P <ritz> you sold me

  • webkit gtk , hmmm x-g started off the tree concept

<TheLemonMan> to avoid an xtext odissey <ritz> which I like <TheLemonMan> i like the tree too, but takes too much screen space

  • think of those eeepc tiny screens

<ritz> hmmm

  • dynamic layouts ? this mockup is suitable for small screen mode ? or when, user clicks on hide side pane we switch to this view

<TheLemonMan> we could make the tree toggleable <ritz> fair enough

  • I have not worked with webkit thinggy

<TheLemonMan> me neither, but we could give a look at how empathy/pidgin do that <ritz> I assume, we are talking about replacing the xtext backend with webkit --- Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).

  • Disconnected ().

--> You are now talking on #xchat-gnome <TheLemonMan> flaky connection ? <ritz> my niece

  • hmmm, looks interesting

<TheLemonMan> we could slap the topic inside the conversation panel too and get rid of that X button * Loaded log from Wed Jun 6 20:10:43 2012

--> You are now talking on #xchat-gnome <ritz> never noticed the x there

  • how does one close the channel ? when not in "small mode" ?

<TheLemonMan> hrm, with that menu->button design in mind

<ritz> hmm, move the buttons within the tree view

  • are these images copyrighted ?

<TheLemonMan> designers will kill us if we do so :P <ritz> Would like to post these mockup to <TheLemonMan> the second one i'm pretty sure is <ritz> where does the first one come form ?

  • nm, found

<TheLemonMan> google

  • want me to ask the designer ?

<ritz> this would be nice

<TheLemonMan> imho it shouldn't be a problem

  • oh, the dcc window needs to die and dcc needs to be fixed

<ritz> never used dcc ever , yet

  • and what do we replace it with ?

<TheLemonMan> menu items with a progressbar ? <ritz> hmmm, I am not a designer

  • but this should pretty interesting

<TheLemonMan> the rule of thumb is that dialogs are outdated <ritz> I assume, a menu option which says "file transfer"

  • grayed out, until unless we do have a file transfer I tend to use ff , opera and chrome all of them tend to have a dialog, where to save file ( we can skip this) and a window, where we can see the progress opera and chrome tend to use a new tab with opera, this can be a part of the side pane

<TheLemonMan> great idea! a new tab in the treeview

  • by using webkit we don't have to care about tabs layout atm

<ritz> hmmm, fair enough <TheLemonMan> we would just need an html templating engine <ritz> essentially, we are replace xtext with webkit-gtk

  • the side pane would need to be re-written to act as tab with small mode and a tree/tab for downloads

<TheLemonMan> hrm, the two trees are merged <ritz> what does hrm stand for ? <TheLemonMan> and lets not care about tabs atm

  • it's like hmm, the sound my brain makes when thinking heh

<ritz> I am try to visualize the changes

  • :) and the steps required inital , boot xtext and in with wk_text

<TheLemonMan> yep, shouldn't be that hard

  • we need to remove all the boilerplate that conversation_panel adds

<ritz> this looks pretty nice <TheLemonMan> now we just need the time and the willingness of doing this

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