A simple, clean, beautiful view of the web

Web is the web browser for the GNOME desktop, based on the popular WebKit engine. It offers a simple, clean, beautiful view of the Web featuring first-class GNOME desktop integration. Its code name is Epiphany.

You may install Web from the software repositories of most Linux operating systems, where it is normally packaged as "epiphany-browser" or "epiphany".


This is desktop integration

If you use a particular website as if it were an application, make it one! Web allows you to make any website a first-class citizen of your GNOME desktop.


Good stuff built-in

No fumbling around to install extra extensions. Essential features like ad blocking that are relegated to extensions by other browsers come built-in and enabled by default in Web.

Simple. Clean. Beautiful.

No useless widgets or wasted space. Web closely follows GNOME 3's design philosophy.



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