Must be done

Disable flash for real

  • We disable the flash plugin through the plugin APIs, but the browser still thinks it's somehow enabled. ie, the effect it's not the same than going to Preferences and checking "Disable plugins", which is what we'd like (but only for flash). Otherwise things like Youtube HTML5 replacement don't kick in by default.

Make statusbar escape from mouse pointer

Find a solution for gtk_button_pressed/released API

Reimplement floating statusbar to not draw on the content window

  • We used gedit's GeditOverlay in the end, after some refactoring.

New downloads UI

Support for about:

Needs WebKitGTK+ to move to new libsoup, blocked by the EWS stuff

  • After that having basic about:plugins support should be easy, all the needed APIs were done in the hackfest

Investigate whether it makes to use nspluginwrapper by default for flash

  • Otherwise we'll just tell people Flash is out

Need to solve the g_signal_connect mess in the DOM bindings

  • Not really Ephy stuff, but whatever.
  • If we do not get the glib patch accepted we need to break API (sort of massively) and add something like webkit_dom_signal_connect. Better figure it out ASAP.
  • glib bug:

Would be nice

Port to GtkApplication

Port to GDBus

Someone please rewrite adblocker from scratch

  • The current one sucks, we should just kill it. We can copy the adblock core code from Midori and keep the boilerplate, for example.
    • I researched this after the hackfest, adblock has a documented format, but we need to write a not-so-trivial parser for it (i.e not a simple "contains" regex). I think it's doable though, maybe a week of work. -- DiegoEscalanteUrrelo

      • As it says before, I believe Midori already implemented that, so we can just take the code we need from there.

Update web page

  • Our webpage is hopelessly out of date, and not too attractive.
  • If we find time and resources it would be nice to have something new for 3.0. Perhaps we can ask the Marketing people for help.

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