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GNOME Web receives no funding from advertisers, and as such is able to offer privacy features like built-in adblocking and tracking query removal that are relegated to extensions by other browsers. We aim to offer the best out-of-the-box privacy settings of any general purpose web browser. That said, GNOME Web is not suitable for use when real anonymity is required; in such cases, you need to use the Tor Browser Bundle instead.

For information on existing and planned privacy features, see our security and privacy roadmap.

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy statement is required to be displayed on this website in order to comply with the terms of service for Firefox Sync. Do not modify the following text unless you are authorized to do so:

By default, GNOME Web collects personal data, such as your bookmarks and web browsing history. This data is stored locally on your computer for your own personal use. It is never transmitted to the GNOME Web developers. It is never transmitted to any third party unless you choose to enable optional Sync integration. If Sync integration is enabled, your data is encrypted and transmitted to Mozilla's Firefox Sync server, where it is stored in encrypted form. Although GNOME Web uses the Firefox Sync service, GNOME Web is not Firefox and is not endorsed by Mozilla.

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