Epiphany UI/UX revamp


  • new main UI (toolbar redesign, visibility of menu/statusbar)
  • new downloads behaviour/UI
  • new bookmarks behaviour/UI
  • go crazy, basically do as you please, we would be happy to hear you

New main window UI


  • what info should we show on the download dialog?
  • when should downloads go to the download dialog? always?
  • we have different origins, should we treat them the same?:
    • shift+click on links, images
    • right click + download this link
    • click -> content handler triggers a download

  • what options should we offer when downloading? Cancel/Pause?
  • should downloads persist across sessions?
  • what actions should we take when downloading? we have three:
    • none
    • browsing to (opens nautilus on the destination, unless it's desktop)
    • opening in the handling program
      • all this might be annoying on most situations, should we browse/download "0 interruptions" like the shell?
  • Epiphany/Development/FeatureDesign/DownloadBehaviour



  • where to put extensions' buttons or UI? they used to be in statusbar
  • if we allow configuration, should we host it on a settings tab?
  • should we allow extensions to modify all menus? give them easy toolbar access?

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