A more compact Epiphany view

{i} This page is still under development, but comments and suggestions are welcome.

For some webapps, the current UI provided by Epiphany is not very useful and it might be nice if the user could choose to hide it. Here is a mockup which adds a [+] button to the title bar to toggle the Epiphany UI visibility.

Mockup showing the default view compact-browser-2.png

Some notes

  • By default, the UI should be visible. Hiding it should be an action done by the user, when he trusts the website.
  • The [+] button should not be at the same place as the minimize / maximize / close buttons, in order to keep the right side of the title bar consistent.
  • The [+] button can be implemented using the client-side decorations support in GTK+.

  • What should happen when multiple tabs are open? Probably the tab bar needs to be shown.
  • In GNOME Shell, switching to Epiphany’s compact view could also replace the Epiphany app icon with the webapp’s icon, if available. This makes it easier to switch to the webapp, and to add it as a favorite app in the Activities overview.

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