There is a very cool browser called Bumpercar, which is available for OS X and built exclusively as a children's browser. It would be great to have something similar for Epiphany, named Safety Boat

How to do it

Epiphany already has some lockdown gconf keys. They could be extended and added. In addition, a basic control panel could be created to turn those keys on and off. Finally Epiphany could be launched with a switch to turn on or off the kids internet.

Specific Details

Start page

By default Safety Boat would have a customized and locked down start page. Good content would need to be found and a page created.

Browser Lockdown

Epiphany already has all of the browser lockdown features needed.


We need to figure out a way to prevent children from entering information into text boxes that pose a safety risk, such as their name or address. In addition, any fields named "Name", "Address", "Phone #", etc. should be shown by an clearly blocked.


Safety Boat should interface with an existing filtering solution, such as Dans Guardian or Willow. The Control panel should control the level of filtering (low, medium, high), as well as specific white and black lists. Also search engines should be redirected to use Safe Search.

Time limiting

Parents and guardians should be able to place time limits on the usage.

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