Data Sync for Web


The goal of data sync is to store the browser data in a remote service so that different instances of Epiphany in different machines can all share that data an appear to be in synchrony.

We will sync:

  • History
  • Bookmarks

Other potential data to sync:

  • Session state
  • Cookies

The Epiphany bug to track this feature is here.


Nothing is implemented so far, so for now this is just brainstorming/potential ideas, subject to change.

The feature should be implemented in the core browser, not as an extension. But:

  • It "could" be implemented internally as an extension, if that makes sense (like EphySession).

  • The data storage selection could be make pluggable to allow for other options (for instance, Ubuntu could use UbuntuOne, which we very likely won't use as default).

A reasonable option for the default backend would be FirefoxSync:

  • The design of its APIs and data storage is public and open source.
  • The design and implementation of the server part is also open source.
  • Their instance of the sync server is publicly available and can be used by anyone.
  • This would allow syncing between Epiphany and Firefox, and also allow cross-platform syncing (eg, to Firefox on Windows or OS X, or to mobile browsers that support Firefox Sync)

Things to double check:

  • What do we need to do with our data to be able to use their service.
  • Can be run indefinitely on their server or would it make sense to have at some point.

Summer of Code

There's a proposal to do this feature as a GSoC item, see here.

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