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About Videos

Also known as Totem, Videos is a movie player designed for GNOME.

Features plugin support. Included as core application since GNOME 2.10 release.


Browse your videos

All your videos are automatically gathered, all you need is to pick and play one.


Access video channels

Several video channels can be accessed directly and simply via Videos.

Enjoy your movie

The simple interface of Videos let you focus on what is really important: your watching experience.


Special thanks to our sponsors:

  • Paul Cooper for sponsoring the Telestrator mode
  • Lyndon Drake for sponsoring the video zooming feature
  • Ryan Thiessen for sponsoring the Mozilla plugin
  • Fluendo for sponsoring Ronald Bultje and Tim-Philipp Müller's work on GStreamer backend
  • Collabora for sponsoring Tim-Philipp Müller's work on GStreamer backend


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