tomboy-ng features and bug reporting

Features, existing and planned

Tomboy-ng is modelled on the original Tomboy hoping to benefit from the years of effort and experience that went into the first version. What you see here now is usable but please don't expect it to be as complete, polished or bug free. Not for a long time !

Right now, on each supported platform, tomboy-ng can do -

  • File synchronisation. As such, it will sync with tomboy, tomboy-ng and Tomdroid.
  • The common font enhancements, bold, italic, small, large and huge fonts.
  • Bullets.
  • Copy and Paste.
  • Searching, both within a note and over the full set of notes.
  • Highlight - but its not good, its coloured text instead of yellow background.
  • Notebook support. (Unlike Tomboy, in tomboy-ng a note can be in more than one Notebook. If you use both Tomboy and tomboy-ng, use this feature with care.)
  • Printing.

What it does not do, but should -

  • Network synchronisation, to Rainy or Snowy for example - is there a need for this ?
  • Have a nice install kit for Windows
  • A Table of Contents for each note.
  • Internationalisation - providing tomboy-ng's "hard wired" text in languages other than English. This will require some help from bilingual volunteers.

Just how soon the above issues are addressed will depend on what people ask for and, perhaps, who puts their hand up to help

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