tomboy-ng on the Mac

Mac binaries are available from our Github release repository as a dmg file.

The file you download is a "disk image". Its probably in your downloads directory and if you double click it, it will mount the image and show you the contents, an App directory called Drag that file to the provided link to your Applications folder. You can now close and even delete the dmg file, you don't need it.

Starting tomboy-ng the first time is an issue. Apple charge its (commercial) developers a fee so they can sign applications and avoid this process but you will need to do it. But only the first time. Instead of double clicking the directory, you must hold down the control key and click it. From the popup menu, choose Open (Check wording), and then say yes to the Proceed query you get, assuming you feel the binary has not been tampered with.

After this, you will be able to start tomboy-ng with the usual double click.

Important Note : At present, the Mac tomboy-ng binary has a memory leak. This means it uses up a bit of memory and is not freeing it when it should. Over a period of time, this leak becomes problematic. So, you should not set Tomboy to autostart on boot nor should you leave it running for long periods of time. This problem has been reported to the responsible package maintainers and a new binary will be shipped as soon as possible. Note this is only a problem in Mac OSX.

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