Bug Reports, Requests and Known Issues

Bugs and Feature Requests

The correct place to discuss issues relating to tomboy-ng is the existing Tomboy mailings list.

Formal bug reports and feature requests should be via Github

Known Issues

Its no secret that tomboy-ng is not finished. Indeed, is possible it will never be "finished". But that should not stop you from asking that certain features you need be looked at. Here I have listed just a few things that its intended to address, there can be no doubt that a detailed bug report on GitHub or a nicely worded email on the mailing list might expedite the process. But no guarantee.

And please consider having a crack at it yourself. Pascal is an easy language to learn and the IDE holds your hand in a very reassuring way.

Big, structural things

  • Spell checking - I have no idea how to implement this !
  • Internationalization, bi-lingual readers, we want your help !
  • Printing - I expect to be easy.
  • Notebooks - done

Bug fixes

  • tomboy-ng should not let you open the same note twice. - fixed.
  • The "Link" button does not work. - fixed.
  • Editing around bullets does not work the way people expect - fixed.
  • A new note is not immediately added to internal notes list. - fixed.
  • A memory leak in Mac version - fixed, or at least bypassed. There are no leaks as of v0.13.
  • All versions do not use an appropriate icon for the running app. They use a system provided one. - Improved quite a lot.

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