Bug Reports, Requests and Known Issues

Tested Platforms

tomboy-ng is currently tested on a number of platforms -

Centos 6.1 32bit; Ubuntu Mate 16.04; XUbuntu 18.04; Ubuntu 17.10; Ubuntu 18.04; SUSE Leap 15; Arch Linux, Manjaro 17.1.11 Deepin desktop

Windows 10 64 bit (but a 32bit binary is available and believed to behave identically to the 64bit one)

Mac Sierra (64bit system but running a 32bit tomboy-ng, yes, Apple complains but it works fine for now)

Fedora 28 - works but if you wish to use the System Tray Icon install the TopIcons Gnome Extension. Without the TopIcons you should start tomboy-ng with the -g switch so you cannot accidentally dismiss the small window you need to interact with tomboy-ng.

Reports of your experiences are very welcome !

Current Issues

Linux - If you use some Gnome 3 distributions (ie Fedora 28, not Ubuntu versions) then it cannot display the green System Tray Icon that you would normally interact with. When you first start tomboy-ng, see if the small System Tray Icon is visible. If not, do not 'dismiss' the small window, left of screen, you will need it to interact with tomboy-ng as mentioned above.

This is known to be not an issue with Debian, Ubuntu and Ubuntu based systems (with tomboy-ng v0.16 and later) and many others.

If you are bitten by this bug you have two choices -

  • Start tomboy-ng with a -g or --gnome3 switch, that will prevent the opening screen from closing and you will find you can interact with its menus.
  • Fix the underlying issue. Install a working Application Indicators, its a gnome-shell-extention, I suggest "Topicon". You can use the Three Step Process via your browser. When you point your browser at https://extensions.gnome.org/extensions/495/topicons you will see mention of installing a plugin to your browser, do that, then install the 'connector' using eg

sudo dnf install chrome-gnome-shell <enter>

(no, its apparently not a chrome plugin, worked fine with my Firefox).

Then, back with the browser, you should see some ON OFF type controls, top right relating to that particular extension (ie TopIcons). Turn it on, and say yes to the download. Easy, or use an Ubuntu based distro.

If you start tomboy-ng on linux and don't see the small green System Tray indicator (maybe top right, maybe only visible when you move the mouse bottom left) then do not dismiss the small welcome window. I suggest, to be safe, you close it down and apply one of the above fixes.

Mac 64bit Cocoa - is experimental, it has several known issues and probably more. Printing fails. My advice is, for now, stick with the 32bit application, despite what Apple says, its quite appropriate.

Bugs and Feature Requests

The correct place to discuss issues relating to tomboy-ng is the existing Tomboy mailings list.

Formal bug reports and feature requests should be via Github

Feature Requests

Its no secret that tomboy-ng is not finished. Indeed, is possible it will never be "finished". But that should not stop you from asking that certain features you need be looked at. There can be no doubt that a detailed bug report on GitHub or a nicely worded email on the mailing list might expedite the process. But no guarantee.

And please consider having a crack at it yourself. Pascal is an easy language to learn and the IDE holds your hand in a very reassuring way.

Big, structural things that might or might not happen

  • Internationalization, bi-lingual readers, we want your help !
  • Network based sync

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