This page is meant to serve to brainstorm and collect design/implementation notes for specific features to be implemented in the near future. Ideas unrelated to the features mentioned here should go to Tomboy/PlaceForNewIdeas. If a feature gets large enough, feel free to create it's own page and link it. Once features are solid, they can be removed.


Planned for current cycle.


  • Integrate with GNOME 3 workflow


Jump lists and the application menu could be used to replace the status icon:

The first image shows the Dash jump list (right-click on the Tomboy icon on the Dash) and the second one shows the Applications tab jump list. Both of them feature:

  • A list of open notes (used to choose an open window).
  • A list of recent and pinned notes (now reached when left-clicking the status icon).
  • A couple of extra options: "create new note" and "search all notes" (now reached when left-clicking the status icon).
  • Add / remove from favourites.

This jump list would appear even without Tomboy being open at the time, because the icon would stay on the Dash if favourited. The only difference in that case is that there wouldn't be a list of open notes.

These show the Appmenu, which is used to show app-wide options. There is a basic option that only shows the same items which appear when right-clicking the status icon (sync notes, preferences, help) plus a standard "quit" option, and then there's another one which also shows a list of recent and pinned notes, as well as the "create a new note" and "search all notes" options. The latter would be convenient for reaching recent notes without having to open the Overview, but there might be some guidelines against using the Appmenu like this.

An add-in could be used to allow note search from zeitgeist, which would enable notes to appear as search results in gnome-shell.


Planned for current cycle.


  • Must work with Snowy
  • Must be backwards compatible with Ubuntu One
  • Must support arbitrary file types


Note Sharing

Planned for current cycle. Note Sharing is different from Note Synchronization. Note sharing means granting read/write access to other users for a specific note or list of notes. Please see Note Sharing for more information.

GTK 3 Migration

Planned for future cycle.

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