Test Day

The Tomboy contributors are planning a Test Day on Saturday, June 25th 2011. A test day is an opportunity for testers, developers and users to work together and squash as many bugs as possible in a short amount of time.

If you use tomboy this is a great opportunity for you to contribute to the Tomboy project without becoming a full time contributor.

We welcome all testing during the bugday however the team will be trying to focus on these goals:

  • Test Tomboy
  • Confirm and triage bugs
  • Review and test patches
  • Fix bugs


The test day begins Saturday, June 25th 2011 at 8:00 am PST and finishes at 5:00 pm PST. Use this chart to help you figure out when the bug day is in your own time zone.







8:00 am

9:00 am

12:00 am

3:00 pm



5:00 pm

6:00 pm

9:00 pm

12:00 midnight


How Do I Participate?

First download Tomboy 1.7.0. This is the latest build available for Tomboy. If you would rather get instant fixes please read how to build from git at Tomboy/Developers.

  • Linux tarball

  • Windows installer -- coming soon
  • MacOS X disk image -- coming soon

Sign onto the #tomboy IRC channel at irc.gnome.org. Say hello. As you start working on a bug, please announce it in #tomboy. For example:

/me looks at bug 123456

If you are unsure about how to participate you can follow some of our testing goals below or just ask on the IRC channel and someone will give you a hand.

Bugs that Need Testing

Tomboy has a lot of bugs that have never been tested or the developers need more information before they can fix the problem.

Pick a bug off this list and see if you can reproduce the problem. Record your results in the description of the bug. Describe in detail the steps that you take and the operating system. Please include as much detail as you can.

https://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced;bug_severity=blocker;bug_severity=critical;bug_severity=major;bug_severity=normal;bug_severity=minor;bug_severity=trivial;bug_status=UNCONFIRMED;bug_status=NEEDINFO;product=Tomboy (only bugs that aren't enhancements)


There are a lot bugs that have patches. We should try and test all patches and apply the ones that are acceptable and comment on the ones that are not.

If you are a programmer checkout the Tomboy source, apply the patch and test to see if the patch fixes the problem. If the patch does not apply cleanly then cleanup the patch or put a comment on the bug that the patch does not apply cleanly.

List of bugs with unreviewed patches

Target Milestone

All confirmed bugs should have a target milestone set.

List of confirmed without target milestone

Filing GTK+ Bugs on Windows and Mac

Some Tomboy bugs really need to have corresponding bugs filed (or found) in GTK+. If we have Windows/Mac users during the test day, it would be great to evaluate which bugs need to go to GTK+

Really Old Bugs

There are a number of bugs that have not seen any kind of updates in more than a year.

Bugs Without Updates in the Last Year

Past Meetings

Bug Smashing Day on Nov 24, 2012

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