• We could have a single label per note with an assigned colour. This label could be selected with a drop down.
  • Multiple tags
    • "Heavy-weight" with a tag entry with autocompletion etc at the bottom of each note. Tag sidebar in search window.
    • Special "Tags: " line inside the note buffer.
  • It was agreed that some sort of tagging is useful but making it useful to the largest amount of people is the hardest part.
  • We will have future discussions/emails about these or other proposals

Information for Hackfest

  • Most of the backend components for tagging are already implemented in the above patch
    • Focus will be on UI
  • Need to clean up tagging bar, potentially move to bottom of note
  • Better display/search of tags
    • Maybe show tags on the note, not in sidebar
  • Allow tag browsing (aka. tagcloud)
  • Search by Tags.
  • Add special system "types" so things like Note of the Day and Tasks/Todo notes.

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