Tomboy Documentation Brainstorm

This is what I (WolterHellmund) have come up with as the documentation plan for Tomboy. Consider that this is just the design for the documentation. This document awaits the approval of a senior member to begin.

I believe that the documentation of the project requires this only 6 sections, but if you feel I am incorrect, please suggest the modification of this order.

Concept Map

Download image | Download drawing

General Information

Here general information of Tomboy will be put, like some sort of introduction.

Getting it

Maybe should be renamed to Getting Tomboy or something.

Anyway, this section will indicate the various ways (depending on which OS does the user have) one can get Tomboy.

Using Tomboy

This is the biggest section. This section contains documentation for everything that can be done in Tomboy.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new note
  • Deleting a note
  • Creating a notebook
  • Linking notes
  • Searching notes
  • Formatting text
  • Syncing notes

Customizing it



This sub-section will explain every little detail in the the Tomboy preferences.


This sub-section will list the all official Tomboy plugins.

A link to third-party plugins could be put here below, or perhaps put the whole thing below this section.

Getting Support

This section specifies on all the ways a user can get support for Tomboy.


(Or Giving Back to Tomboy)

This section will list the many ways a user can contribute to Tomboy.

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