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As described on the PlaceForNewIdeas:Synchronization page, there are already a few efforts that have been started to provide sharing/synchronization of Tomboy notes. There are so many, which one do we use?

As I met different people at Boston2006, something that came up a lot was something like this:

"I used to use Tomboy, but since I have 2+ computers, it's really hard.  I'll create a note and then forget which computer I created it on.  When I try to get to the note, I'll realize it's on my other computer."


  1. Make it easy to share/publish notes to people nearby
    • It should work right out of the box without having to install extra software
  2. Make Tomboy more desirable for people who use more than one computer
  3. Define a clear direction for Tomboy note sharing/synchronization
    • iFolder, Conduit, Tomboy Server, etc? Let's pick one and work towards it.

Phased Approach

Start simple and work our way up.

Phase 1 - Note Sharing

  • Using Mono.Zeroconf (local subnet only)
  • One-time download (no synchronization...that comes later in Phase 2)
  • Do something simple like OS X's iTunes/iPhoto
  • Someone can "volunteer" to add Avahi solution (could #ifdef similar to how Banshee works)

Phase 2 - Note Synchronization

  • Using Mono.Zeroconf (local subnet only)
  • Be able to connect your computers on the same subnet together
  • Changes made on any of the computers should be synchronized around to all the other "participating" computers

Phase 3 - Sharing and Synchronization via the Internet

  • Break past the subnet barrier
  • Connect with a Tomboy Server or other service (Google Notes?)
  • Critical for people who have computers that are NOT on the same subnet (i.e., a computer at home and a computer at work)

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