How To Submit Patches

Quick run-down of things that will make it more likely that your patch is accepted (outside of the CodingGuidelines):

Create a Pull Request on GitHub

  • Tomboy uses GitHub as a development platform with all the standard approaches recommended there (forking, feature branches). See GitHub bootcamp for getting started with that.

  • Don't try to solve multiple problems in one commit - not only will it make us reject the whole pull request if one of the problems is poorly solved, it also makes it harder for us to evaluate what is solved by a particular change.
  • In particular, don't try to clean up indentation, comments or the like together with changing the code. This will just make it harder for us to read. If you want to clean stuff up, do it in a separate commit within the Pull Request.
  • Generally, one Pull Request should contain only one logical change (but may consist of several commits, breaking it into atomic changes). However if you solve one problem and see a quick fix, which is unrelated - piggybacking it to the Pull Request is okay, as long as it's a separate commit and this is denoted in the Pull Request description.
  • See this page for guidelines on creating good commit messages.

Submitting the Pull Request

  • Always look at your Pull Request in its entirety before submitting it. Make sure it doesn't include any non-related files (such as *.po translation files).
  • Put a meaningful description of why you think this change is necessary and what are the benefits (or what problem it fixes).
  • If your change includes a UI modification, please include a screen shot of the resulting UI.
  • Add "Fixes #<github issue number>" into commit message or a pull request description, if the commit/PR fixes specific issue or implements a feature request recorded in our bug tracker.

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