Keeping Track

The key to Tomboy's usefulness lies in the ability to relate notes and ideas together. Using a WikiWiki-like linking system, organizing ideas is as simple as typing a name. Branching an idea off is easy as pressing the Link button. And links between your ideas won't break, even when renaming and reorganizing them.


Accessing Your Notes

Accessing your notes is usually a quick mouse-flick away. Just click on the Tomboy Panel applet, which is always visible on your desktop. You can choose one of the notes you've recently viewed from the menu or Search for older notes. The Table of Contents lists all your notes in the order they were last modified.

No more moving your applications to find a website you dragged to the desktop. No more searching your filesystem to find where you think you maybe put last week's TODO list.


Friendly Editing

Tomboy supports many advanced editing features, but they won't bother you until you need them. Stream-lining the interface as much as possible to avoid distractions is a key goal of ours. Because software should never slow your momentum!

It is a top priority for Tomboy to be able to handle all the sorts of information you want to keep track of. We are currently developing support for linking-to and managing all the Desktop Objects you interact with, all from within a simple note interface. Try dragging an email to your note!



Tomboy isn't limited to certain set of features - extend it as you wish. Find more about Add-ins.

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