Note that this page applies to the original (Mono and GTK# based) Tomboy which is no longer being actively developed. You may like to consider tomboy-ng. It works on Linux, Windows and Mac, in most cases, needing no additional libraries. You can download install kits or source.

Stable version

Stable version is recommended for most of the users. There is a good chance that your Linux distribution includes Tomboy. Refer to your distribution's software installation instructions.

Please follow installation instructions for Windows or Mac OS X, as necessary.

You can also install Tomboy from source code. Note that you then need several development packages.

Latest release

Past releases

Development version

Development version is meant for developers and for those who want to try out the latest features and improve Tomboy. This version is likely to have bugs. Please help us to track'em down. Visit the Get Involved page.

Latest release

  • None, see Stable section

Past releases

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