Tomboy Dev Meeting for Planning 0.16.0 release


Anyone! Everyone! This is not limited to those scruffy-looking Tomboy hackers. We want to stay on task during the meeting, but seriously, if you'd like to participate, just listen, or whatever, come along!


#tomboy on


Tuesday, 21 April 2008, 12:30 PDT (19:30 UTC)

People planning to attend (you don't have to add your name here, but if you can, let us know you'll be there):

Tomboy 0.14 Postmortem


  • Windows Port
  • Good start on reducing memory usage and improving start-up performance.
  • Have triaged just about every bug in bugzilla, cleaning out a lot of duplicates and obsolete bugs
  • Better community management, more contributors, but can do better :-)


  • Still have a lot of bugs in bugzilla, a few of which really need to be addressed (renaming issues, for example)


What can we do better this time?

  • Even better community management
    • Bug/patch days
    • Focus on better response time in bugzilla, especially for patches
  • Assign work early, set goals early, better prioritization. Last cycle we had to forgo fixes for a few bugs because it was getting too late.
  • Identify work that can happen in parallel

Proposed Features for Tomboy 0.16 (GNOME 2.28)

  • Most Annoying Bugs
    • Are there important bugs we should focus on before we start focusing on new features?
  • Cross-platform release (Windows complete, need to work on better OS X experience)
  • Need to finish new Printing add-in
  • Sync
    • Automatic synchronization
    • Sync without FUSE or other Linux-isms (gio/gvfs?)
  • Faster startup and reduced memory usage
  • XML Schema
  • Your ideas?

Other Items

  • Any reason not to make Tomboy 0.16.0 into Tomboy 1.0 (or Tomboy 2.28 to match GNOME)? Our current version numbering is misleading, as Tomboy has been stable for years.
  • New project to create a Tomboy online service with easy synchronization
  • Tomdroid, and how to have Tomboy sync notes on your G1 with Tomdroid
  • Tomboy and gnome-shell integration brainstorming
  • Update Tomboy end-user website
  • How does git change our processes (ChangeLog, Tomboy/HowToSubmitPatches)?

  • Can we make it easier for users to find new add-ins? GNOME Do approach has pluses and minuses.

Schedule Preview

The complete GNOME 2.28 schedule can be found here: TwoPointTwentyseven

Some of the important dates are:

  • Apr 29, 2009: GNOME 2.27.1 Tarballs Due (First unstable release)

  • Jul 13, 2009: GNOME 2.27.4 Tarballs Due (String Change Announcement Period Begins)

  • Jul 27, 2009: Feature Freeze

  • Aug 12, 2009: UI Freeze

  • Aug 24, 2009: String Freeze

  • Sep 14, 2009: Hard Code Freeze

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