Tomboy Dev Meeting for Planning 0.16.0 release

Original Meeting Plan


Tomboy 0.16 Planning Meeting Minutes

April 21st, 2009

Attendance: Sandy (sandy), Olivier (plaxx), Andreia (shana), Paul (pcutler), Dave (nightm4re), Ben (Blafasel), Mike (shadymike)


Organizational Updates

  • Changelogs will be removed now that the migration to Git is complete
    • Will be kept in releases via automation
  • GNOME 2.28 cycle for Tomboy will result in a Tomboy 1.0 release
    • Requirements for 1.0 release include:
      • XML schema
      • Add-in compatibility
      • Cross-platform support
  • GNOME Shell
    • Currently no plan for applets within GNOME Shell, with a larger discussion going on about what an applet could / would be
    • With GNOME 3.0 we have a unique opportunity to think about "How do we do Tomboy right" on the desktop and GNOME Shell
    • Developers are encouraged to submit mockups, pacthes and ideas around Tomboy in GNOME 3.0

Tomboy 0.13.x Post Mortem

  • Cross platform (Win & Mac support) a big win

    • Windows support has brought in new developers, new users and bug reporters
    • Cross platform support also brought a lot of press on the web

Bug Management

  • Tomboy has a lot of bugs filed in GNOME Bugzillas
  • Team wants to schedule a bug day
    • Early in the 0.16.x cycle
    • Need to document bug triaging process for Tomboy
    • Test unreviewed patches
    • Bug day to be planned on the mailing list


  • Sync development to focus on:
    • Better conflict resolution for synced items
      • Needs to be easy for users
      • What kind of UI changes should be made in Tomboy to show a conflict? (See Gedit, Anjuta for examples)
      • Potentially make notes read-only instead of blocking the UI
      • UI for users to manually choose note to sync when automatic sync can't happen (Choose correct note)
    • Easier sync setup (Tomboy Online Service)
      • Tomboy Online Service to be developed that offers a service users can use or they can deploy on their own infrastructure (Similar to the Identica / Laconica model)
      • A REST API needs to be developed, more at

      • Discussion and brainstorming (such as Mozilla Weave as an alternative, Google app engine and encryption) to continue on the mailing list
    • (Advanced users) Migrate from FUSE to gio / gvfs
    • Sync with Tomdroid


  • Memory usage & Startup time

    • Add-ins need clean up
    • Spin off note loading and add-in to seperate threads
    • Mono optimizations


  • Sync: Sandy, Shana, Everaldo, Tom
  • Bugs: Blafasel, Paul, Sandy, Olivier
  • Website: Paul
  • File format: Olivier
  • Areas needing help:
    • GNOME shell
    • Website
    • OS X development

Schedule Preview

The complete GNOME 2.28 schedule can be found here: TwoPointTwentyseven

Some of the important dates are:

  • Apr 29, 2009: GNOME 2.27.1 Tarballs Due (First unstable release)

  • Jul 13, 2009: GNOME 2.27.4 Tarballs Due (String Change Announcement Period Begins)

  • Jul 27, 2009: Feature Freeze

  • Aug 12, 2009: UI Freeze

  • Aug 24, 2009: String Freeze

  • Sep 14, 2009: Hard Code Freeze

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