Tomboy Developers Meeting Plan - 08 March 2007, 13:00 PST, #tomboy

Things to accomplish in this meeting

  • Mission Statement
  • Goals for 0.8.0
    • o Add to future release if we know it's something we want included eventually but it's too big to take care of this time
  • Project ideas for Google SoC
  • Non-coding tasks
  • Other?

Mission Statement?

  • Have a clear "mission statement" so we will avoid rat-holes when people ask about adding feature X, Y, or Z.
  • Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application that is simple and easy to use
  • Simple and easy-to-use are the main things, and while this assessment is subjective, anything that would complicate things should not be included/considered

Goals for 0.8.0

  • Synchronization
    • o Solve the problem of people using multiple computers o What solution do we use?
      • + Conduit
        • # Showing good promise of working! Right now Tomboy is essentially the flagship application for Conduit, so I'm pretty sure that the Conduit project will make it happen # If we choose this route, I'd like to see us make the configuration much simpler. For example, a user would just have to go into Tomboy's preferences, enable synchronization, enter in username/password for or something and it'd all work.
        + Others?
        • # Unison, iFolder
        + Build our own
  • Tagging
    • o Dirt simple way to tag a note with a tag/label
      • + If our solution is to have the user enter "Tags: abc xyz" at the end of the note, we've failed + Grandma should be able to use it
      o Adapt the Search All Notes interface to quickly filter by tags o This obsoletes the need for Notebooks
  • Scalability
    • o How should Tomboy handle really large sets of notes? o Right now we've had some reports about Tomboy slowing way down when the user has lots of notes

      o Possibly finish out the abstraction of the NoteManager

  • Move to a newer Gtk+ (gtk+-2.10 or newer)
    • o Pros:
      • + Improve printing support + Remove libegg dependencies
      o Cons:
      • + Exclude older distributions + Makes it hard for people like dave_largo (Largo, FL) to use newer Tomboy on deployed workstations that are a bit old
  • Clean up orphaned note links
  • Numbered lists
  • Win32 Port (Sandy)

Project ideas for Google Summer of Code

  • Checkbox/TODO/Tasks plugin
    • o Just the same way that we have bulleted lists, allow users to create tasks. A special TODO note would conglomerate all tasks into a single note
  • Encrypted Notes
    • o Be able to mark a single note as encrypted so that it requires a password each time you open it o Useful for keeping a note that stores passwords and other sensitive information
  • Firefox Integration
  • Trash can
    • o Provide a GUI for the user to undelete notes
  • Generate report notes
    • o Allow user to search notes by certain criteria and then generate a single note that includes the content from all the notes (so they can print it, export it, etc.)
  • Revision control
    • o Revert to previous revisions of notes

Non-coding tasks

  • Continue cleanup (atk has done a great job so far)
  • Rework Developer-oriented wiki:

    • o Update the RoadMap o Need a developer FAQs ?

      • + Help newbies come up to speed + Help people know what the project won't be doing

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