The following is a template for an application wiki page. These should be created as subpages of To create the header, generate a png with Inkscape replacing your app icon and app name in the header svg template. There is also a full home page svg template in case you want all measurements. When deploying, repeat the splash png and the navigation bar on any page listed in the navigation bar and change the bold style of the navigation bar to its current page.



App Subtitle

About Appname

This is a brief description of the application and what it most commonly is used for. Typically takes up just about two lines of text for maximum prettiness.


Highlight 1

For example a characteristic in the application's workflow which enhances the user experience.


Highlight 2

Could for example also be a showcase of a typical user activity most users can relate to.

Highlight 3

Could also be a highlight showing how the app follows GNOME 3's design philosophy.


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