The following is a template for an application wiki page. These should be created as subpages of To create the header, generate a png with Inkscape replacing your app icon and app name in the header svg template. There is also a full home page svg template in case you want all measurements. When deploying, repeat the splash png and the navigation bar on any page listed in the navigation bar and change the bold style of the navigation bar to its current page.


Development Resources

  • MYAPP on GNOME Bugzilla

    Development in MYAPP is tracked using GNOME's bugtracker. Search the bugtracker for any issues or feature requests you may have. Feel free to work on fixing any bug filed against MYAPP.

  • MYAPP's design space The objectives of MYAPP as application. This is also the space for the current tentative design for implemented and upcoming aspects of MYAPP.

  • GJS Style Guide ## Change to your application's preferred language Polari is written in Gjs (GNOME Javascript) and follows the general GJS style guide conventions. A must read if you are unfamiliar with GJS. GJS is an introspected language - for more information about how introspected languages work, check the GObject Introspection Project.

  • MYLIBRARY Developer's Manual ## Change to any external library APIs your app depends on MYAPP is based on the MYLIBRARY library. This resource contains guidance on how to interact with Telepathy in your code.

MYAPP Developers

Most contributors to MYAPP hang out at #MYAPP on Contributors, users and developers are more than welcome to direct any questions about MYAPP there. Currently MYAPP is being developed by:

  • Rupert (rupert) Creator and maintainer of MYAPP.

    Wanda (wanda) MYAPP designer

    Angela (angela) Google Summer of Code student

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