Project: Tasque Enhancements

This is a project which aims to enhance Tasque in several different areas and tries to push it a little further on its way to a stable release. The actual goal of this project is to refine the new Tasque library libtasque, to refactor parts of the Gtk# client and do some work on the backend, such as implementing a Google Tasks backend. Additionally this project will improve API documentation and setup implementation guides for backends and new client apps.

This project is part of a course at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt.


The project starts on June 3, 2013, and ends on August 20, 2013.


The subsequent objectives are grouped by the component of Tasque they are concerned with. All objectives are due on August 20, 2013, if not stated otherwise.

libtasque objectives

  • Cover the namespace Tasque.Core in libtasque.dll completely with unit tests to guard libtasque against regressions and test the usability of the public API and adjust the API where necessary.
  • Complete the documentation of libtasque's public API using XML code comments and generate monodoc files from it to facilitate future development with libtasque.
  • Create an implementation guide for new Tasque clients on the Tasque website using an example client implementation so that new clients can be implemented more easily.
  • Describe all features of Tasque's domain objects (task list, task and note) and their relationships in a document for each using a comparable structure in each document.

Backend objectives

  • Create an implementation guide for new Tasque backends on the Tasque website using an example backend implementation so that new backends can be implemented more easily.
  • Create a backend test suite, which enables the employment of Test Driven Development when implementing new backends.
  • Implement a Google Tasks backend using the backend test suite to increase the reach of Tasque in accordance with the Tasque Mission Statement.

Gtk# client objectives

  • Refactor the task grouping model to be consistent and exactly mirror the task grouping succession in the UI to increase maintainability.
  • Create a Gtk# 3 branch and to test the new Gtk# 3 bindings. This is a prerequisite for the upcoming .NET/GNOME hackfest.

General objectives


  • G√ľnter Khyo (Supervisor)
  • Antonius Riha
  • Mono-Devs, Gnome-Devs
  • Tasque users

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