Tasque Mission Statement

This statement defines the mission that Tasque aims to accomplish. It borrows from GNOME's mission and adds some custom statements.

About the application

  • Tasque is a simple to setup and use ToDo list application.

  • Tasque aims to be usable for everyone1: It therefore strives for

    • support of as many different languages as possible1,

    • accessibility to people with disabilities1 and

    • availability on many different devices and operating systems.
  • Tasque aims to integrate with popular third-party (web) services.

  • Tasque aims for a small memory footprint.
  • Tasque aims to feature the same Task Model on all its platforms by employing Code Sharing techniques.

About contributions

  • All software produced within this project is free to use, modify and redistribute.1

  • Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute.1 It should be as easy as possible to contribute - for established Tasque contributors, but especially for new contributors.

  • Tasque contributors use transparent communication channels to discuss their work on Tasque.1

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