Tasque Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Tasque you think would be beneficial for everyone to know the answer? If so, please add your question to the end of the list. We (the developers of Tasque) are subscribed to this page and will post an answer as soon as we can.

Q. Where'd the name "Tasque" come from?

A. We had a naming contest and Daniel Abramov suggested the name Tasque.

Q. Why are you using C#/Mono

A. It ROCKS! Essentially, rapid development with C# is easy. It's relatively easy for newcomers to come in (provided we've coded well enough).

Q. How can I install "Tasque" under Ubuntu 8.04?

A. Add this line to your sources.list:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tasque-packagers/ubuntu hardy main

Then install the tasque package. If you have trouble, see the comments here: http://blog.nixternal.com/2008.04.28/tasquerade-party/

Q. Why can't I do X with backend Y?

A. Not all backends are complete yet. If you find something missing, please file a bug so we can fix it.

Q. How can I get Tasque to hide when it starts up instead of showing me the main window?

A. Use the --quiet command line option, new in Tasque 0.1.8.

Q. Why can't I create notes for a task? I'm using "Local file".

A. Please upgrade to Tasque 0.1.8 or later. This bug has been fixed.

Q. Why do my Tasks from a particular list on Remember the Milk suddenly stop downloading?

A. Assuming you are using Tasque 0.1.8, it sounds like you are experiencing a bug. Please file it with as much detail as you can in bugzilla, and we will do our best to fix it.

Q. Can I go back and forward from Remember the Milk to a Local File and vice-verse without losing any tasks?

A. Yes, but your tasks will not transfer from one to the other. RTM tasks will only be seen when you use the RTM backend, and Local File tasks will only be seen when you use the Local File backend.

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