Merging System Monitor with Usage

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  • Usage application is designed to be a process manager matching the rest of the GNOME ecosystem, and targeted for average Joe, meaning ease of use is a requirement
  • System Monitor is full of features, but has a cluttered UI, showing lots of things, but still having the relevant information quite a few clicks away from the user
  • During design review of the latest improvements of System Monitor, Allan Day has suggested maybe merging Usage (concept application) and the current System Monitor would be the way to go
  • Stefano Facchini (stfacc), the developer who started working on Usage, and Robert Roth (evfool), maintainer of System Monitor agree with merging the two applications:
    • as having two separate applications would mean code duplication
    • dropping features from System Monitor should be avoided
    • the new application would mostly be a new UI for System Monitor extended with the features of Usage


Monitoring the following details per-process:

  • CPU usage (maybe even per-core)
  • Memory usage
  • Network usage (current upload/download speed, maybe total upload/download)
  • Battery usage
  • IO usage (current disk read/write rate)
  • Files usage (list of files opened by process)

Process actions to be supported:

  • Kill process
  • End process
  • Change priority of process
  • (Maybe Stop/Continue process)

Implementation details

  • the application should use libgtop for retrieving the data to display (libgtop being a platform-independent system information library)
  • System Monitor is currently a mix of C and C++, Usage is implemented in Vala (Robert Roth suggests Vala+Glade UI being used for the interface implementation, GObject C for the internal details, if required)

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