Please add your wishlist items for future improvements to sysprof. No guarantees any of them will be implemented, but at least it'll give me inspiration for future tasks to work on. Add any suggestions on how to implement them in the discussion section. Master gnome performance hackers: please do add "me too" style comments if you think something should be high priority; or feel free to suggest that an idea is in fact not useful.


  • Quick access to filter the ui by process. So the function list, caller list and call tree just show functions from one process, with totals based on just that one process.
  • Show call counts of all functions
    • Patch awaiting review info; doesn't work with >1 thread though.

  • Indicate amount of time blocked (by io, sleeping, or waiting on a mutex)
  • Replace call list with a reverse call tree
  • More items listed in cvs.


Sysprof currently interprets all processes as if they were run from one thread. This seems like something that should be improved, but I have no idea what a good ui for this would be. Perhaps show multiple call trees when a top-level process is selected? - any ideas on what ui improvements could be made

Blocked time

Any ideas on how this can be achieved? Would it be possible to check whether a particular process is sleeping when fetching a call stack. Then analyse this time relative to number of times seen when not sleeping? Can anyone with more idea of sysprof internals/module comment?

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