Sound Juicer

Audio CD Extractor

Current Development Plans

  • Relicense to add GPL exception

  • Finally solve the CD playing problem in Desktop with Bastien, Ronald, etc (309082)

  • Make metadata editing more intuitive (see 157814 and/or 122367)

  • Rewrite all prefs code to avoid replication in sj-main.c and sj-prefs.c
    • Started with libgconf-bridge. Needs patches to GTK+ and libbacon to be totally used.
  • Split metadata lookup into libbacon
  • Port to libcdio (313302)

UI Review

  • Disc->Reread is not enabled after stopping playback

  • Probably Clearlooks/Cairo bugs:
    • No resize gripper
    • Embedded progress bar when disabled looks too high
  • Split genre, add Date field
  • (maybe) Put duration in status bar, on right.
  • Make Escape cancel a rip
  • Replace Time Remaining with Time Left?
  • Seek slider/volume visible and active when extracting

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