Current Building Notes

  • Look into how Tomboy handles the mac port
  • develop similar implementation for smuxi

Current status getting port running

  • Dev Mac needs X-Code

  • Dev Mac Needs MacPorts

  • Dev Mac needs Git (I'm using Tower)
  • Installing Prereqs (Incomplete)
    • Need to install libtool, intltool gettext
    • From Terminal: sudo port install libtool gettext intltool
      • This will build the required libs and all dependencies.
    • Pull down git repository
    • Modify to use glibtool and glibtoolize (vs libtool and libtoolize)
    • export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/lib/pkgconfig
    • Download log4net and Nini
    • [ISSUE] Need to figure out how to install log4net and nini so that autogen picks them up!!!

    • Manually build the pkg-config scripts for log4net & nini

    • run the script

Experimental OS X Version

Mac UI Changes


    • Yes, it's worth yelling over.
    • See what MonoDevelop does

  • File menu can thus be completely removed DONE

    • File->Preferences becomes Smuxi->Preferences

    • File->Quit becomes Smuxi->Quit

    • Unless there's some ability to File->Open/view log files...there's no need for File anymore.

  • Support OSX Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Basically amounts to "Emacs-lite" in text fields
      • Ctrl-a (Gdk.ModifierType.ControlMask) = beginning of line, Ctrl-e = end of line, etc.

      • Don't bother with M- shortcuts, as OSX alt/option is used for inputting non-ASCII chars
    • Use Command instead of Control, so Cmd-w instead of Ctrl-w to close windows. DONE

    • Allow Command+{ and Command+} to cycle between tabs ({ for left, } for right) DONE

      • This is what MacVim & Terminal do for tab switching.

    • Allow Command+Up and Command+Down to cycle between tabs as well, for left-oriented tabs. DONE

      • Colloquy uses this to switch between channels
    • Alt+Arrow should move between words, e.g. Alt+LeftArrow (Gdk.Key.Left) = move back one word

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