Supermenu and toolbar design wireframe:

Smuxi-Toolbar and Menus.png

Super menu specifications:

  • The "functions" that are already in the toolbar ("connect to server", "open log", "fullscreen" and and "Quick join") shouldn't be in the "cogmenu"
  • The "cogmenu" doesn't have tree-structure "a la chrome" horror of it all, thus all the options are exposed in a single overlay and are divided by separators where needed.
  • The "cogmenu" icon should be a cogwheel or a three lines

Toolbar specifications:

  • 1st element - Connect to server
  • 2nd element - Find group chat
  • 3rd element - Open Logs
  • 4th element - Full screen
  • 5th element - View toggler between tab and treeview
  • 6th element - Quick join
  • 7th element - Cogmenu
  • The toolbar will use the gnome symbolic icons for all DEs

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