The current Smuxi preferences are ... well, they are a bloody mess (and I'm being kind here), so for the GTK 3 version of Smuxi they need UI redesign from ground zero.

The top widget of the redesign is GtkStackSwitcher and needs GTK+ 3.10) The grid (or it can be some other symbolic icon) button on the left will open the internal settings, but that's for later, which will host more advanced preferences. Speaking of those advanced preferences there is stuff we want to relocate from normal to internal settings. The list is the following:

  • Connection -> Global commands

  • Interface -> General -> all the Strip checkboxes

  • Interface -> Messaging -> Buffer lines, Engine buffer lines, Persistency type, Volatile Buffer lines, Persistent buffer lines

  • Interface -> Command history size, Bash style completion

  • Interface -> Input -> Everything


However before doing that we need user testing to be sure we can relocate those without making the users angry. We also should rename "Inteface -> Output" to "Appereance". Widgets wise - the grey boxes with the "plus, minus, configure" buttons on the bottom are a gtk.treeview and the "plus, minus, configure" bar is gtktoolbar with style inline-toolbar. The On/Off switches are GTKSwitch, the " minus, plus" buttons it Interface - Messaging are gtkspinbutton. The toolbar in the top of the window is gtkprimarytoolbar and the "connection, interface, servers, filters, logging" button should be the same as this toolbar here: NOTE: We miss Add/Edit server dialog in this design and also the tabs should be aligned to the left and not to the top.

Suggestions by Hylke:

  • Rename Interface to Messages
  • Rename Interface/Messages to Formatting
  • Move Filters to Logging?

In Interface/Tabs

When joining a chat:
  ( ) Don't switch tabs 
  (O) Switch to the new tab
When messaging a person:
  (O) Don't switch tabs
  ( ) Switch to the new tab

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