Privacy Policy for the Shotwell Connect Application for Facebook

Information Shotwell Connect Stores and Transmits About You

The Shotwell Connect application and its data store reside locally on your personal computer. During the course of its operation, Shotwell Connect may store an authentication token that it receives from Facebook on your computer. This authentication token is simply a session-identifying sequence of letters and numbers. It contains no password, user name, or other personal information. At no time does Shotwell Connect transmit any information to Yorba, the developers of the Shotwell Connect Application for Facebook.

Permissions You Grant Shotwell Connect

By using Shotwell Connect, you grant the Shotwell Connect application permission to publish photos to your Facebook photo library and to announce on your timeline, feed, or stream that photos have been published. These announcements have a form similar to “Jane Smith uploaded 6 new photos using Shotwell Connect,” where “Jane Smith” is your user name and “6” is the number of photos you uploaded. Other than posting upload announcements, Shotwell Connect does not insert any items, announcements, or notifications into your timeline, feed or stream. At no time does Shotwell Connect remove any information from your timeline, feed or stream.

  • Revision 1: 7 May 2012

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