Release checklist

Tarball on GNOME

  • Update NEWS file
  • Update version in
  • git pull --rebase

  • Create signed tag
  • Push tag and Pre-release commit to repository
  • Clean source tree git clean -dxf

  • Build tarball: meson build && ninja -C build dist

  • scp build/meson-dist/shotwell-$version.tar.xz to
  • ftpadmin install
  • Send announce mail

Update the PPAs


Publish unstable flatpak

Manifest changes

  • Modify org.gnome.Shotwell.json to point to the tag in question. Add commit id for that tag
  • Change "tags" from nightyl -> unstable

  • Chage prefix from (Nightly) -> (Unstable)

  • Add the desktop file patch to Shotwell sources (FIXME: That's ugly. Needs changed to wrapper script)


  • flatpak-builder -v --repo=/home/jgeorg/shotwell-flatpak-repo build-dir flatpak_source/flatpak/org.gnome.Shotwell.json --gpg-sign=<key-id> [--force-clean] --default-branch=unstable


  • flatpak build-bundle ~/shotwell-flatpak-repo shotwell-<version>.flatpak org.gnome.Shotwell unstable and upload

Places to update

  • Wiki main page
  • Wiki build instructions (stable only)
  • IRC channel topic (stable only)

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