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Libseahorse Object Hierarchy

       +--SeahorseKeyModel                   Allows associating a key with
                                               row in a tree.
           +--SeahorseKeyManagerStore        Displays a list of keys for the main
                                               seahorse key manager and search results.
       +--SeahorseContext                    Singleton. Manages the list of loaded keys
       +--SeahorseKey                        Base class for all keys.
           +--SeahorsePGPKey                 An OpenPGP key (from GPGME)
           +--SeahorseSSHKey                 An SSH key
           +--SeahorseUnknownKey             A key we have no information about, but
                                               which exists somewhere.
   +--SeahorseKeyset                         Allows one to query and track a certain
                                               subset of keys in the SeahorseContext.
   +--SeahorseKeySource                      Base class. A key source adds keys to 
                                               the SeahorseContext
       +--SeahorsePGPSource                  Retrieves OpenPGP keys from the local 
                                               keyring (uses GPGME).
       +--SeahorseServerSource               Base class for key sources that retrieve
                                               keys from servers.
           +--SeahorseHKPSource              Retrieve/searches for keys on HKP servers.
           +--SeahorseLDAPSource             Retrieve/searches for keys on LDAP servers.
       +--SeahorseSSHSource                  Retrieves SSH keys from ~/.ssh
       +--SeahorseUnknownSource              A source of SeahorseUnknownKey type keys
   +--SeahorseOperation                      Base class for an asynchronous operation.
       +--SeahorsePGPOperation               An operation on a GPGME context
       +--SeahorseSSHOperation               An SSH related operation
       +--SeahorseTransferOperation          An operation which copies keys from one
                                               keysource to another
   +--SeahorseServiceDiscovery               Adds/removes key sources for DNS-SD key 
   +--SeahorseWidget                         Allows loading and displaying of windows 
                                               based on glade files
       +--SeahorseKeyWidget                  Associate a SeahorseKey with a 
                                               SeahorseWidget window

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