As early adopters have found out, a number of things can go wrong when trying to use recipes. Here is an unsorted list of issues that we've seen:

Flatpak-specific problems

  • Flatpak does not understand flatpakref files. You might be using an old Flatpak version like 0.6.x. You should be able to find at least 0.8.x for almost any distribution, see

  • Flatpak does not find any updates despite your recipes version being old. You may have installed recipes from a flatpak repository that is no longer updated. Make sure that you have the repository that is defined in this flatpakref file:

  • Flatpak claims that it has updated your app, but when you run it is still the old version. Make sure that you do not have recipes installed twice, both system-wide and per-user.
  • The Flatpak runs, but does not open a filechooser when you use Import or Export All in the app menu. You are probably missing the xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-gtk packages on your system. You should get them at the same place you got Flatpak itself.

OS X problems

  • The fullscreen animation looks bad. Yes, its true. This probably needs to be fixed in the GTK+ Quartz backend.

Other problems

  • You can't edit your own recipes anymore. It is likely that you are using a different login / user ID on your system now, and recipes has used your previous login as the ID for you in the database. You can tell recipes to use the old ID, by setting the following key in dconf: org.gnome.Recipes user. Note that dconf-editor may complain about not finding a schema for this key if you have installed recipes as a Flatpak. But is should still let you edit the key.
  • Your meson is too old. If your system only has meson 0.37.1, you will have to build your own meson, which is not hard. Alternatively, you can use flatpak to build, since the flatpak manifest also builds its own meson.

  tar xf meson-0.38.1.tar.gz
  cd meson-0.38.1
  patch -p0 < recipes/flatpak/meson-glib-check.patch
  python3 ./ build
  python3 ./ install --prefix=<your prefix> --skip-build --optimize=1
  • Recipes refuses to run, complaining about a missing GSettings schema. You are probably running a self-built version uninstalled. See the hints in about running uninstalled, or simply do this:

  GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR=build/data ./build/src/gnome-recipes

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