An easy-to-use application that will help you to discover what to cook today, tomorrow, the rest of the week and for your special occasions.

Get it here: Stable Flatpak / Nightly Flatpak / OS X binaries

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  git clone --recursive


Useful data sources, and information around food, cooking and recipes:


GNOME 3.24

We are aiming to make a first, generally useful release of recipes with GNOME 3.24.

This is what we need to get there:

  • DONE Drop the ingredients view (it is not really useful in its current form, and we don't have time to revisit it)

  • DONE Complete the shopping list view early mockup

  • DONE Flesh out the cooking mode early mockup

  • DONE Recipe contributions! We need at least enough recipes to kick out all the test data (on the order of 20)

  • DONE A flatpak build

  • DONE An OS X build


Recipes was conceived as a birthday present for GNOME's 20th birthday, so we should wrap it up nicely and present it at GUADEC.

GNOME 3.26

  • DONE Switch to meson as the only build system, no need to carry two build systems forever.

  • DONE Host (most) image data online 778619

  • DONE Download database updates from the web 779223

  • DONE Documentation

  • DONE Inline editing of ingredients 779908

  • DONE Reordering ingredients by drag-and-drop

  • DONE Move flatpak builds to gnome-apps-nightly and flathub

  • DONE Better unit handling, including unit conversion 775855

  • Better sharing, including sending shopping lists to your phone 775854

  • DONE Import in other formats Gourmet XML

  • Export in other formats

GNOME 3.28

We haven't really made any concrete plans beyond 3.26 yet, but some interesting ideas have been tossed around:

  • Support video, in some form
  • Cocktails
  • Re-using parts of recipes (e.g. a standard dough recipe could just be included by reference)
  • More flexible layout (reflow when the window is wide)
  • More sharing: facebook

Cleanups, refactorings, improvements

The kind of stuff that doesn't fit onto a roadmap but still needs to happen, to prevent source decay.

  • Load cuisine data from a file or resource that is easier to edit and update
  • Load ingredients data from a file or resource that is easier to edit and update
  • Load units data from a file or resource that is easier to edit and update
  • Using an enum for dietary restrictions has not really worked out too well. Maybe do it differently
  • The exporter code is a bit of a tangle of nested async operations; it should be cleaned up to be less confusing
  • Figure out a way to share the recipe <> keyfile conversion between the recipe store and the importer/exporter code. We've already had bugs where they got out of sync

  • Naming: category vs. meal vs. diet - which one is it? In the ui, we mix up categories and diets, in the code, we mix up categories and meals. A mess
  • Clean up the interface between GrCookingPage and GrCookingView

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