An easy-to-use application that will help you to discover what to cook today, tomorrow, the rest of the week and for your special occasions.

Get it here: Stable Flatpak / Nightly Flatpak / OS X binaries

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  • Your help is needed!

The easiest (and most important) way in which anybody can contribute is to send us recipes that we can include. We want to ship a representative set of recipes from GNOME contributors all around the world with the app, and we can't do that on our own.

To submit a recipe, first add it to the app, using the "New Recipe" button. Don't forget to fill in your chef information in the preferences dialog as well - this data will be included with the recipe. Then, cook it and take some delicious-looking photos and add them as well. When you are happy with how your recipe looks, use the 'Share' button to send your recipe to the mailing list.

Note: You can share multiple recipes at once, if you want to. The dialog lets you collect multiple recipes before clicking 'Share'.

Note: Since we want the recipes to be translated by out translation teams, we will need the original recipe to be in English.

Bug fixes and enhancements

We use GNOME's gitlab instance, you can report issues there and send pull requests.


If you are interested in translating recipes into your language, please get in touch with the GNOME localization community, they can help you with this. The current translation statistics for recipes are here


There are many unfinished areas in recipes. Some are big enough to be suitable for summer-of-code or outreachy internships. Here are some ideas. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in working on one of these.

To make it easier to get up to speed, I've written an introduction to the code base.

  • A proper unit system Paxana works on this for Outreachy 2017

  • Fully implement sharing of shopping lists and recipes Ekta works on this for summer-of-code 2017

  • A proper storage layer. Recipe currently gets by with writing out chefs and recipes into a keyfiles, and keeping the data in hashtables at runtime. As the number of recipes grows, it becomes more important to use a better storage system. This could either be an embedded database, such as sqlite (possibly used indirectly through gom), or an on-disk hash table with gvariants, such as gvdb.
  • Better printing support for both recipes and shopping lists. This includes
    • Better fonts
    • Include multiple pictures
    • Include some other missing information (such as dietary restrictions)
    • Page numbers
  • Voice or hand-gesture control for a handsfree cooking mode. It can be fairly minimal, just being able to recognize "Start", "Next", "Back" and "End" could be enough. Things to investigate:
    • PocketSphinx

    • Simon
  • Import and Export in some established recipe exchange format, like Mealmaster

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