A DocBook maintaining and publishing tool

Notable Features

Publisher is a tool for daily DocBook writers. It can produce from one source the different outputs like: pdf, html, man, txt, epub, eclipse, docx*, rtf*, odt* and wml*. The formats who marked with a asterisk (*) are just available if you have installed the XFC FO-Converter. Also a rudimentary support for Mallard is included (by db2mal). It can:

  • You can create a new publication.
  • Create a new revision in the Revision_History.xml in your publication.
  • Build your publication in different outputs right from the GUI.

It can also (don't implemented in publican):

  • Provides formats: docx, rtf, odt and wml.
  • Usage of a global entity file (each new project has the copied content)
  • Change default entry in entity file
  • Change content in Revision_History.xml
  • Change content in Author_Group.xml




Getting in Touch

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