Listen to your favorite podcasts


Flatpak (recommended)

Podcasts is available via Flatpak:

Software should open the .flatpakref file and install it.

Alternatively use the command below:

flatpak install


Your software distribution may offer you packages for Podcasts, These packages are community builds and not officially supported:

Building from source

Download tarballs of latest stable release.

Alternatively, clone latest development code using git:

git clone

See file for futher instructions.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding the use or development of Podcasts, want to discuss design or simply hang out, please join us on our:

  • IRC channel: #hammond at

  • Matrix channel, bridged to IRC: using Fractal or Riot

Bug reporting

Test Podcasts and its development version and submit your issues:


See Gitlab page on how you can help.


Contribute code to fix existing bugs:

People behind Podcasts

Maintainer: Jordan Petridis (alatiera)

Designer: Tobias Bernard

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