Project management

Mailing lists

Two mailing lists are available for questions and discussion about planner. Normally bugs in Planner should be reported through bugzilla, but if you're not sure if something is a bug it is ok to use the mailing lists or IRC to find out.

planner-list is for general discussion and is most useful for normal users. Use this list to give feedback, ask questions and get help with problems.

planner-dev-list is for development and roadmap discussions and is targeted towards developers and users interested in the technical details of Planner.


In addition to the mailing list there is also an IRC channel for Planner.

If you are looking for a more real-time way of interaction than the mailing list or you just want to chat with developers or other users, join us in #planner on irc.gnome.org (GIMPnet).

If you join the channel to ask a question, please be patient and stick around; it may take some time for your question to be noticed and replied to.

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